Qsac Pn A

Company Profile

Name: QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community)

Service: Non-profit organization

Location: New York City

Size: More than 20 sites and 1,000 employees

Challenge: Needed one phone system to improve communications and lower costs.

The mission of QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community) is to help individuals with autism spectrum disorders live meaningful and fulfilled lives. To accomplish this goal, QSAC develops and provides educational, habilitation, residential, support, and recreational programs to meet the needs of persons with autism and their families. QSAC is committed to assisting its consumers at becoming independent and productive members of their communities. QSAC provides services to residents of all five New York City boroughs. It operates more than 20 locations and employs more than 1,000 staff members.

Chief Financial Officer Paul Naranjo needed a way to improve communications among his organization’s locations. “We were trying to connect all locations with one telephone system. It proved to be very difficult because we had different equipment at each location, and none of the systems could speak to each other,” explains Naranjo. “Not having an integrated solution was causing all kinds of problems. Not being able to communicate easily with our other offices was just one challenge; we also had to maintain multiple systems, so we were constantly dealing with different problems at different times. If one system went down, we had no way to access that office. We needed a solution that would provide total integration for all our sites.” 

“I no longer have to maintain different environments at different sites. It has freed up so much of my time.”Paul NaranjoChief Financial Officer, QSAC

By implementing OfficeSuite, Broadview’s award-winning cloud-based business phone system, Naranjo consolidated all of QSAC’s locations under one umbrella. “OfficeSuite enhanced our ability to be connected,” says Naranjo. “With our previous environment, we had to send technicians out to many locations, and their labor costs added up quickly. Maintaining different systems at the sites became very expensive.”By replacing all phone systems with Broadview’s integrated solution, QSAC is continuing to save money as the organization expands. “Before we implemented OfficeSuite, we were incurring extra costs for each new service agreement,” asserts Naranjo. “Our organization is growing quickly, but now every time we expand we don’t have to buy additional equipment for new offices.” Naranjo also enjoys the time savings he receives as a result of migrating QSAC’s systems to OfficeSuite®. “I no longer have to maintain different environments at different sites,” he says. “It has freed up so much.

In addition to the cost and time savings OfficeSuite® has brought to QSAC, the organization now has a technology partner in Broadview Networks. “The whole team of Broadview experts became like my team—I feel so much more supported. I’ve been with QSAC for 20 years, and none of our previous vendors ever gave us the level of support that we get from Broadview.” When asked if Naranjo would recommend Broadview’s services, he replied that he already had. “After migrating to OfficeSuite, we had a couple of internal meetings at different levels, and everyone agreed that we moved in the right direction. Outside QSAC, I regularly attend IT seminars where other non-profits come to share their problems and successes. I have already recommended Broadview.

“The whole team of Broadview experts became like my team.”Paul NaranjoChief Financial Officer, QSAC