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Company Profile

Name: Student Loan Relief

Service: Student Loan Debt Repayment Services Headquarters: Dallas,

Location: Dallas, TX

Challenge: The company sought a solution that would enable it to improve client communications and reduce costs


Student Loan Relief offers an affordable way to make repaying Federal Student Loan debt easier to manage. Their consultants identify the best combination of Federal, State, and/or Local programs for their clients. The company is proud of its ability to create a strategy that maximizes the impact of these programs for each client’s unique situation. Student Loan Relief is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. 


Frustrated with paying too much to third parties to handle select business processes, Student Loan Relief sought a solution that would allow them to automate outsourced functions thereby eliminating expenses. The company also wanted to eradicate the hassle of working with multiple vendors and gain more control over client communications. Student Loan Relief previously used a hardware-based phone system and an answering service for fielding incoming calls, but outsourcing these functions proved to be expensive. In addition, the company was dissatisfied with the level of customer service it was receiving. 

Jason Spencer, chief executive officer of Student Loan Relief, explained: “I don’t speak the same language as IT so I felt like we were being taken advantage of due to that disconnect. I found myself constantly running back and forth—I got tired of third parties pointing fingers instead of resolving issues.”

Spencer considered other solutions, but he found that Broadview’s cloud-based phone system, OfficeSuite®, solved all of the company’s problems. Student Loan Relief enjoyed a seamless transition when they implemented the system at its headquarters and one of its branch offices.

"We have significantly improved cash flow, increased our flexibility and gained control with OfficeSuite®."Jason SpencerChief Technology Officer


Since OfficeSuite® includes virtually unlimited Auto Attendants at no extra cost, the company no longer needed to outsource incoming call handling. Spencer was able to change his company’s call routing processes easily without any capital and without sacrificing call quality. 

“OfficeSuite gives me flexibility and control to improve our business processes in real time. I get what I want done, when I want it done—I no longer have to send emails and hope that a vendor will respond quickly,” said Spencer. “The OfficeSuite® system is so easy to use that I can handle it myself.

Spencer identified three main benefits that Student Loan Relief enjoys thanks to OfficeSuite®: “We have significantly improved cash flow, increased our flexibility and gained control.” 

Spencer will soon be traveling overseas to open a new office for Student Loan Relief; and during his travels he uses the OfficeSuite® Softphone, which turns any Internetconnected PC into a fully functional phone that is part of the company’s phone network. Spencer can utilize the Softphone to keep in touch during his travels and as a backup phone for their disaster avoidance initiatives at the Dallas locations. 

Student Loan Relief is a growing company, so the system’s scalability is yet another benefit. Since it works anywhere, Spencer plans to implement OfficeSuite® at all the company’s locations so that their staff can easily transfer calls.“

It is easy to add new locations,” Spencer asserted. “I also keep adding new toll-free numbers and other services from Broadview to help me grow my business. As the business grows, Broadview will be right there with us.


OfficeSuite® went far beyond reducing Student Loan Relief’s telecom costs—it automated business processes, streamlined vendor management, increased monthly cash flow and improved profits. As a result, Student Loan Relief is saving thousands of dollars a month and tens of thousands a year. Chief Executive Officer Jason Spencer is looking forward to using this new-found cash to grow the business. 

“Broadview helped me dramatically improve our monthly cash flow,” said Spencer, “and gave me an easily-scalable system that can grow with my business. 

“We have achieved significant cost-savings as well as long-term hassle savings. We have also automated an outsourced business process to eliminate expenses and reduce costs. OfficeSuite® allowed us to reduce our monthly costs by almost 85%, which for any business, but especially a growing one like ours, is phenomenal. 

“Broadview has provided us with absolutely perfect service thus far. I would recommend OfficeSuite® immensely because of the cost-savings and flexibility of control that Broadview provides.” 

“Broadview has provided us with absolutely perfect service thus far. I would recommend OfficeSuite® immensely because of the cost-savings and flexibility of control that Broadview provides.” Jason SpencerChief Technology Officer