Broadview Networks Best Blogs for Entrepreneurs 2013

Entrepreneurs know the benefit of learning from expert experience, hearing stories of both failure and success. Lucky for us there is no shortage of entrepreneurship-focused blogs available on the web recounting experiences in business, recommending tools to use, and general advice for entrepreneurs. Broadview Networks is seeking out the best and most relevant websites in the entrepreneurship and small business communities. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list, nominated by readers and staff, which will help our clients and partners glean the best entrepreneurship information and advice on the web.

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Top Entrepreneur Blog Award Winners


  • 1. How would you describe your blog to readers of our site?
  • 2. What is your best piece of advice for future entrepreneurs?
  • 3. How do you make sure you’re on top of all the latest entrepreneurship/small business news and trends?

Branding Strategy Insider -

  • 1. Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. We focus on sharing thought provoking expertise that promotes an elevated conversation on the discipline of branding and fosters community among marketers.
  • 2. Having a great idea is not enough. You will need the endurance to get your idea off the ground. This is something neither your idea nor others can do for you. Like launching a kite, you will have to run until the wind gives it lift. Prepare to run.
  • 3. You have to insert yourself in the communities where the exchange of ideas are happening. You can observe here, but its best to participate. There is no monopoly on good ideas. Arrive ready to learn and you will.

Brian Solis’ Blog -

  • 1. Explores the impact of disruptive technology on business and society to help strategists learn and grow. As a digital analyst, anthropologist and futurist, Solis takes both an analytical and philosophical approach to make difficult subjects approachable and even inspirational.
  • 2. Technology is a constant. Innovation is now part of our everyday life. Disruption is becoming a real threat to everything and everyone. What do you do about it? You stop focusing on the technology that’s slamming your markets. Instead, look at behavior, experiences, and how technology is impacting the nature of the customer journey, lifecycle, and values as a result.

Business and Entrepreneur Tips -

  • 1. Esuccessworld is a blog that is focused at providing helpful business and entrepreneurship tips. The tips this blog offers ranges from start-up to management, finance and personal development.
  • 2. They should be focused and build a business that will last, a business that will stand the test of time. They should also emulate successful businesses and replicate their strategies with extra efforts to achieve a better result.
  • 3. To ensure that I remain at the top, I must be consistently diligent, flexible and always updated. I must also continue to value uniqueness, innovation and creativity. I must ensure that I meet the demand of both my loyal readers and prospects to their maximum satisfaction.

Business From The Kitchen Table -

  • 1. The mission of The BFTKT Blog is to assist others in creating their own subscriber list and to help all internet and home businesses establish themselves within their chosen niche whilst building our own reputation and credibility.
  • 2. Always try to learn something every day, you only fail when you stop trying. To quote Mark Twain, "Don't let schooling interfere with your education."
  • 3. I read as much content from as many websites and blogs as possible. I listen to what goes on around me and try to stay in touch with influential writers and bloggers in social media platforms.

Business in Blue Jeans -

  • 1. Business in Blue Jeans delivers business owners and entrepreneurs the comprehensive advice they need to go from startup to growth and beyond. With articles on personal development and success, marketing, networking, sales, branding, pricing, and more, Business in Blue Jeans makes business more human and success more attainable.
  • 2. Every entrepreneur needs clarity—specifically, clarity around your target market and what you're offering them. If you aren't super-clear on who you serve (and if you don't know them well), then everything that follows will be scattershot and confusing, from your business model to your branding to your marketing, and your results will be dismal.
  • 3. As an executive/entrepreneur coach and marketing consultant, I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners every day, so I'm always keyed into the biggest concerns that are on their minds. To stay on top of the latest news and trends, I spend a portion of every day reviewing key resources. Plus, I pay attention to what the "big boys" are doing and keep my eye on what specific, forward-thinking industries are up to, so that I'm always on the cutting edge of marketing strategies and trends, while remaining mindful that "cutting edge" isn't always what works best for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We also track metrics so that we know what's working and what's not at any given moment, and stay small and nimble, so that we can change course as needed, to keep making progress and moving our clients forward.

CEO Blog Nation -

    • 1.CEO Blog Nation is a community of niche blogs with information, events and news for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. We focus on different aspects of entrepreneurship and have a blog featuring motivational articles, profiles and biographies (, a blog for help and support of business owners (, a blog focusing on the pedantic side of entrepreneurship including how-to, statistics, and infographics ( and a site focusing on entrepreneurship in the Washington D.C. area ( We have many more blogs covering different aspects of entrepreneurship.
    • 2. Don't quit. Running a business is difficult and there are many ups and downs. However, today is the perfect time to start a venture there are so many opportunities as industries change and technology influences these different industries. One of the reasons that we created CEO Blog Nation was to cover entrepreneurship but also to let those that are thinking of starting their own ventures to know that they are not alone. There's a lot of resources and information to support entrepreneurs and we want to make it easier to find them.
    • 3. We are accessible and constantly a part of the community. The biggest thing is that unlike other sites we are The Voice of Entrepreneurs. This is more than just a motto, we make sure that we are a platform for business owners to speak such as telling their stories, writing guest posts or communicating on our site. Staying close to the community, we listen and hear what entrepreneurs want and how we can provide that information in the best way possible.

      Daily Conversions -

      • 1. Daily Conversions covers the intersection of technology and advertising. It is written for internet marketers, affiliate marketers and digital advertisers who are looking to grow their online business, or use digital media to build their brand or drive potential customers to their sites.
      • 2. Try, try, try. Or as we say in marketing, test, test, test. There are so many ways to monetize business models these days, so keep experimenting until you find what works best.
      • 3. Read, read, read. But not just about small business trends. True innovation is connecting trends in other areas - technology, politics, fashion, etc. - to your area of concern. Try to broaden your knowledge base and perspective, and keep looking for new linkages between bits of data.

      Entrepreneurdex -

      • 1. Articles and videos for entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses including how to raise money, business strategy, management, Sun Tzu, complexity science, market trends, Taiichi Ohno, and more.
      • 2. Startups are like war. You must study the situation very carefully before you take the necessary risks to make it big. But once you have made the decision to enter the war, you can't look back.
      • 3. As a startup accelerator, we live entrepreneurship daily and learn by doing and experiencing.

      • 1. Erica Douglass became well-known online after selling her business for $1.1 million at age 26. She speaks candidly about business success and failure to an audience of over 18,000 subscribers.
      • 2. Never make the same mistake twice, and believe in your ability to succeed as an entrepreneur. Hire the best people to help you out, and allow yourself to dream big!
      • 3. I follow many successful bloggers and podcasters on Facebook, in addition to following sites like Hacker News and /r/startups and /r/technology on Reddit.

      Erin Blaskie -

      • 1. Practical, honest, straightforward and useful advice for entrepreneurs. Sharing tech reviews, sneak peeks on software in beta and practical how-to's to help you grow your business.
      • 2. My best piece of advice for future entrepreneurs is: don't wait. There will never be a perfect time to do anything - launch that business, create that product, write that book, etc. so just do it now. Get fantastic support, get a mentor and forge forward quickly but sensibly.
      • 3. Twitter and other social media platforms help a lot but I mostly fill my Feedly reader up with some great blogs and I check in on those when lying in bed in the morning and at night.

      FinSMEs -

      • 1. FinSMEs provides real-time information about seed and crowd funding, venture capital and private equity deals taking place daily around the planet. FinSMEs is a financial blog with a database of more than 15,000 pieces about deals and funds. You can also find interviews, feature posts, quotes, memes, and more. FinSMEs is read worldwide, especially in the major startup hubs, by analysts, bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs and investors. It is one of the main contributors to CrunchBase, the free database of tech startups and investors.
      • 2. A developer is not an entrepreneur. Young entrepreneurs cannot think to thrive by only coding or focusing on their product. They should know the market, face competitors, manage the team, and deal with investors, among one million other things. Entrepreneurs should be fast. Test a solution, try it, monitor if it works, if not, stop it, if yes, continue it. Iterate things daily. Celebrate first revenue, not the first funding round.
      • 3. FinSMEs is a 4 year old independent news blog about financing for SMEs. It is a global observatory in which bloggers & journalists, analysts, researchers, investors, bankers and entrepreneurs from across any part of the planet daily converge to find valuable info to originate content and date. Via interviews, experts bring experiences and speak about trends and facts. FinSMEs has a database of more than 15,000 news from an infinite amount of global sources.

      Focus Group Ng Blog -

      • 1. Focus Group Ng Blog is dedicated to information on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial skills and how such skills can be developed by the upcoming entrepreneurs; and just about any ideas that will lead to income generation and this I tagged "Money making ideas". So in summary my blog is about entrepreneurship and money making ideas.
      • 2. The challenge of today's world economy calls for a thoughtful future outlook by every one of us especially the upcoming generations (the youths). One of the major problems plaguing many countries of the world is unemployment. The terrible effects of unemployment are well known. Apart from the crimes it brings, it amounts to a monumental waste of invaluable manpower. Here have been concerted efforts by the government at different levels at job creations and poverty alleviation programs. But the truth of the matter is that there is no way these efforts can entirely wipe out the problem of unemployment. The government alone cannot do it. Who are the government after all? You and I of course! The only solution to the problem of unemployment as identified by economists is entrepreneurship. This is why it is being recommended that we embrace entrepreneurship. Time and space cannot permit me to go on and on. It may be of interest to you to read this piece on my blog: “Skills for entrepreneurs"
      • 3. The only way to do this is to provide quality, relevant and up to date information on entrepreneurship.

      Great Lakes Entrepreneur -

      • 1. My blog transforms aspiring entrepreneurs into actual business owners. Instead of only talking about current ideas, I encourage people to – I know this is crazy – try running a real business on the side. My site is filled with sarcastic humor, guest bloggers and profiles about young, under-the-radar entrepreneurs. And, yes, I did interview the founder of Toilet Yoga.
      • 2. Don’t overthink your business plan. What I mean is research your idea, develop a plan and then start working right away. The business will change, sooner than you expect, so keep adapting to what your customers want. You could plan a business for two years, but if no one is interested, what’s the point?
      • 3. I talk to successful business owners who make money in the real world. If you take your family on trips to St. Thomas, I have 30 minutes to listen. I consume an insane amount of podcasts ranging from marketing to writing to finance. Finally, I read The Economist, Wired, Fast Company and other publications that highlight the entrepreneurship circuit.

      Grow and Succeed -

      • 1. A blog where I share insights to the fundamentals of business. How to improve one's personal development. By sharing the fundamentals of business, personal development and latest trends, I hope to assist people to grow and succeed. The world needs successful entrepreneurs.
      • 2. A long time ago a wise man taught me, No customers=no business. Would suggest everyone watches the Earl Nightingale video on YouTube, titled the boss. Always pay your accountant and attorney on time.
      • 3. Constant reading, books, articles, blogs and websites such as wall street journal, Bloomberg and CNBC. All of these assist me to ride the wave of trends instead of trying to swim against the tide. Learn to work smart and hire happy people.

      Growing Forward - |

      • 1. My blog helps coach leaders to make a difference in their career. It's practical, short and sweet tips to help readers act on their dreams and move towards their goals. I share personal stories and other stories to turn aspiration into achievement.
      • 2. It's about who you know. Connect with people relentlessly and make networking part of your lifestyle. Learn from those who have achieved success. Ideas are easy, execution is what matters. Learn how to sell.
      • 3. It's about staying active on social media, blogs and keeping in touch with industry leaders. There's so much information available, especially online you have no excuse to NOT know what's going on.

      Ideas for Becoming Innovative & Entrepreneurial at Work and in Life -

      • 1. My blog mainly features book reviews that I write on a monthly basis---book reviews that cover the best books for entrepreneurs. You will benefit from my in-depth reviews by understanding fully what each book provides so you can decide which one is the right book for you to read at this time in your entrepreneurial journey.
      • 2. The best advice is to just get started and realize that things will not go perfectly at first, but you will learn along the way and improve as you go. There's no need for things to be perfect at first. Simply start from wherever you currently are, and then modify your actions as you inevitably will pick up new information and inspiration as you go along.
      • 3. I stay on top of the latest trends by listening to podcasts for entrepreneurs and small business owners. This is also where I pick up all my ideas for which books to read and review.

      Brad Aronson's Blog: Inspirational Stories, Good News and a Focus on the Positive -

      • 1. Inspirational stories about entrepreneurship, life and work.
      • 2. It's never going to be the right time to get started. So, find a way to start now, even if it is in a small way.
      • 3. I read as much as I can.

      Late Blooming Entrepreneurs -

      • 1. Late Blooming Entrepreneurs highlights success stories about 40-and-older business owners to inspire those who dream of joining their ranks. It also has posts about leadership, goal setting, professional development, market research and other topics of interest to aspiring and new entrepreneurs of all ages.
      • 2. Take the time to prepare a written business plan. Sometimes it’s tempting to skip this step, especially if you don’t plan to borrow from a bank. The true value lies in the critical thinking process needed to write the plan– and the problems you’ll avoid by identifying and countering them in advance.
      • 3. I read (or at least scan) many of the better-known publications dedicated to entrepreneurship but I also carve out time each day to read other blogs, trade publications and company websites. I especially like to read local dailies and weeklies to find interesting stories about small businesses.

      Learn Small Business -

      • 1. My blog is a resource for entrepreneurs of all levels. I try to include information for both new and established entrepreneurs. I'm particularly interested in women that are running a business while they work a full or part time job.
      • 2. My best advice for future entrepreneurs is START! Don't wait until everything is perfect before you start your business. Start small and scale up as you gain more resources.
      • 3. I read other business blogs. I follow other small business leaders on Facebook and Twitter. I hang out where other entrepreneurs hang out. It's all about paying attention to what's going on around you.

      Location 180 -

      • 1. Location 180 is all about how to build a business you can run from anywhere in the world, and do more stuff you love in the process.
      • 2. Don't be afraid to take a risk. The worst case scenario almost never happens, and there's going to be some element of calculated risk in just about anything worth doing.
      • 3. I make sure I surround myself with the right people. Whether that's in person, or in social media circles - it's easy to stay on top of things when you're constantly around people who stay on top of things!

      Millionaire Acts -

      • 1. Everybody wants to live a comfortable life and to be financially free. Nobody wants to be corporate slaves for the rest of their lives. Millionaire Acts is for those aspiring entrepreneurs and employees who want to become a millionaire through saving, investing, positive mindset, and discipline in money management. It is a collection of personal finance learning to empower you on how to become financially free.
      • 2. Look for your passion. Develop it into business and you'll never feel you're working. While in business, guard your cash flow and watch your expenses. Always be grateful for all the blessings and remember to share them to the less fortunate.
      • 3. I always read Bloomberg news and other blogs to keep my informed.

      NAWBO National Blog -

      • 1. Founded in 1975, the mission of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) is to propel women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide by: strengthening the wealth creating capacity of our members and promoting economic development within the entrepreneurial community; creating innovative and effective change in the business culture; building strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations; and transforming public policy and influencing opinion makers. This blog aims to further the NAWBO mission; providing perspectives and resources that help entrepreneurs grow to the next level in their lives, businesses and communities.
      • 2. Don’t go at it alone. Join an organization, like NAWBO, where you can connect with like-minded people, sponsor organizations and other valuable resources that can provide the knowledge, connections, support and inspiration you need to grow and succeed.
      • 3. For nearly four decades, NAWBO has been proud to serve as the voice of America’s millions of women entrepreneurs across the United States. We advocate on behalf of the women’s business community at the state and national levels on key issues, including access to capital and affordable health care. We partner with non-profit and for-profit organizations that share in and support our mission for propelling women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide. We also surround ourselves with media partners that provide additional insight into current and emerging issues.

      Power of One Entrepreneur -

      • 1. P1E Consulting LLC. (Power of One Entrepreneur), reflects our belief that all it takes is one person to change the world. Globalization has made the world smaller, hence increased competition. Small business owners need information on how best to navigate through this dynamic economic environment to achieve success and we look to provide it
      • 2. Start a business that you are passionate about and don't let up on your dreams. Work to meet your customer's demands by listening to their needs and constantly innovating.
      • 3. I read a lot. Since I found out about my passion for entrepreneurship, I wanted to show people the light by providing guides to success. If only one person goes to my site and gets inspired to own a business, I feel my work has been done.

      Ready to be Rich -

      • 1. A blog that tells my story and the lessons I learned in my journey towards financial freedom. Starting from money saving habits and personal productivity, I share how entrepreneurship begins from good personal finance, while I also discuss the importance of investing and creating passive income to complete one's financial foundation.
      • 2. Believe in yourself and your dreams. The road to success will be long and many obstacles will come along your way. Your belief in your skills and capability to learn will be essential in overcoming these challenges. Lastly, seek others who share your vision, and grow with them.
      • 3. Seek, read and subscribe. Seek blogs and news websites that talk about business and entrepreneurship. Allot a portion of your every day to reading them. Subscribe so you won't miss important stuff that might help you become a better entrepreneur.

      Resources for the Solo Entrepreneur Lifestyle -

      • 1. We connect Solo Entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be successful. We are a comprehensive source of advice and training for the solo biz owner - the largest multi-Expert website exclusively for solo entrepreneurs. We offer primarily free content including articles, blog posts, teleclasses, webinars, audio, video, eBooks, ecourses and more. All content is provided by carefully selected Solo-E Certified Solo Entrepreneur Experts - coaches, mentors, trainers and consultants.
      • 2. Three tried-and-true tips I see every successful solo entrepreneur use: 1. Make sure you are doing something you love, not just something Uncle Joe said was the next big thing. 2. Learn from the Experts, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel - but don't just copy what they do, make it uniquely your own. 3. Don't go it alone. Join a peer or mastermind group, and hire contractors to do the work of the business that aren't your forte.
      • 3. I monitor social media heavily, since that's where much of the change affecting solo entrepreneurs is happening right now. I'm a member of several Facebook Groups where we trade tips and resources for business success, and share current news. Plus, I take full advantage of the research and expertise of my Expert contributors!

      Rise of the Innerpreneur -

      • 1. Exploring how business ownership can be a tool for us to discover our self, find meaning, and grow wealthy.
      • 2. Get clear on your intentions. Act from the heart. Take baby steps. Be singled-minded in focus. Make friends with the time it's going to take to realize your dreams.
      • 3. I spend time online establishing sincere connections with a network of people I love and admire, and I watch this space for news or trends that intrigue me.

      RiseShineWrite -

      • 1. RSW is all about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity, Leadership and the Motivation & Inspiration to get it done.
      • 2. Don’t wait for the greatest idea or the perfect circumstances. Small actions quickly accumulate to great accomplishments but you need to start right now! This post summarizes the end to end process: “From Small Business Entrepreneur to Enterprise Business Founder in 5 not so easy steps”
      • 3. The creative process and true innovation are not conceived by chasing the latest trends; Entrepreneurship is about identifying real problems and finding solutions, everything else is just noise.

      She-conomy. A Guy's Guide to Marketing to Women -

      • 1. Women are responsible for $20 Trillion dollars in worldwide spending. In the US they control or influence 85% of brand purchases, yet only 3% of US creative directors are female. She-conomy is designed to aid male marketers, CEOs, etc. to more effectively connect with the powerful female market.
      • 2. First, to understand the importance of recognizing the spending power of the female market. And, secondly to be willing to take the time to understand and listen to her in order to make her a loyal customer.
      • 3. I read books, blogs and follow leaders on Twitter and LinkedIn to know the latest in communication technology and that may or may not affect marketing to the female.

      Succeeding in Small Business -

      • 1. Since founding my public relations and ghostwriting business in 1989, I have often said that my clients have provided me with an MBA. I’ve had the good fortune to work with dozens of successful entrepreneurs and business people, many of whom are thought leaders in their fields and each and every one of whom is passionate about success. In my blog, I share what I’ve learned from these people as well as tips garnered from my own experience about how to succeed as a small business owner.
      • 2. Research, research, research but, at the same time, avoid analysis paralysis. This advice encompasses two big errors I see entrepreneurs making. Some fail to do their due diligence and jump into strategic partnerships or make other big decisions without doing the requisite research; other times they analyze something to death and fail to ever come to a decision. Both behaviors can hold you back from success.
      • 3. Here is a post I wrote on trends that will impact small businesses in 2014. As the post mentions, I read copiously on the Internet to find trends that were mentioned numerous times; then I synthesized the ideas I came across down to the top three to save my readers from having to do the research themselves.

      Successful Blog -

      • 1. Successful-blog serves an audience of small business professionals and the big brands who serve them. You're only a stranger once.
      • 2. Start small with a clear, narrow niche to widen your opportunity. Include your ideal customers in every decision from the start. It's always about the people who help your business thrive.
      • 3. Conversation with people who making things happen giving others a place to share what works for them. Reading, writing, thinking.

      The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur -

      • 1. The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur shares tips and advice about running a small business. The main focus is on social media marketing but other online marketing tools, offline marketing and anything business related. Interviews with successful entrepreneurs and book reviews are also covered.
      • 2. My best piece of advice for future entrepreneurs is covered in a blog post but can be summarized as "It takes a village to raise a small business".
      • 3. I use a tool called Feedly to subscribe to an assortment of blogs which I read on my desktop or phone several times a week. I have a Twitter list of industry leaders who share interesting news and trends. My best source of information lately has been a variety of Google Plus Communities as people on Google Plus seem incredibly willing to share their expertise.

      The EBay Entrepreneur -

      • 1. The EBay Entrepreneur is a place where I share my best knowledge on starting (and growing) an eBay business. It has transformed over the years to a very supporting community where everyone is interested in helping each other. I share several articles per week with eclectic topics covering all areas of eBay Entrepreneurship.
      • 2. As my favorite quote says, "If you are kind and work hard, amazing things will happen". Picture yourself one year from now, and tell your present self to keep going. It only gets better!
      • 3. First of all, I live as an entrepreneur every day. This is something I'm passionate about, and that alone keeps me on top of new trends. I truly believe in the saying, "The more you learn, the more you earn". I'm constantly reading articles related to entrepreneurial trends related to my industry. Also, the community that has been built on my blog is a huge help. They share new and exciting trends which helps us all out.

      The Founding Moms' Blog -

      • 1. Tips & tricks to help mom entrepreneurs get down to business.
      • 2. My best advice? Stop being a future entrepreneur. You're probably already an entrepreneur. Dive in and try it on for size --there's only one way to know what entrepreneurship is like. It's pretty fantastic, inspiring and addictive -- I highly recommend it!
      • 3. I rely heavily on social media for updates. I'm a tweet-a-holic, so I get a lot of info there. But subscribing to great resources' newsletters (, is also wonderful to get that info right in my inbox.

      The Pregnant Entrepreneur -

      • 1. How to handle pregnancy’s physical, emotional and financial baby bumps while running (or starting) your own business.
      • 2. Step one: Own your own business, even if someone told you it was a bad idea. Step two: Understand the money part of your business. Step 3: Nothing is a given. Run a business that is yours, on your own terms, and you have a good chance of being successful.
      • 3. Never stop learning. Read. Take classes. Listen to others. Interview successful people. Learn all you can.

      The Savor Blog -

      • 1. The nation's top women entrepreneurs gather at Savor the Success to co-mentor, connect and grow their businesses with a wide network of support and "school of hard knocks" experience. The Savor Blog highlights the Success Founder Angela Jia Kim through every step of her business ups and downs. With experience as one of her best teachers (this former concert pianist built her three businesses with no formal MBA or business training) the blog has been widely regarded and shared as a source by entrepreneurs for its real-world inspiration, insight and nuts-and-bolts business advice.
      • 2. Action, above all, is king. Many entrepreneurs fall into any number of traps that all revolve around the basic fear of taking action -- whether it’s the fear that their idea isn't possible, the fear that it will fail, the fear that it will succeed. Every single step you take is a priceless learning experience that (if you see it this way) will propel you to your next success. Always take that step.
      • 3. Since Angela and other hand-selected entrepreneurs provide the content for the Savor Blog, there is a variety of specialized information available; from marketing to SEO to social media experts, our members represent a wide variety of fields and provide expert content in the latest news from each.

      The Work at Home Woman -

      • 1. Named by Forbes in 2012 and 2013 as one of top websites for your career, The Work at Home Woman is an advocate for telecommuting and home-based businesses that empower women to balance life on their own terms. Whether you're looking for a remote position, a way to earn some extra cash, or you're ready to dive into world of entrepreneurship, The Work at Home Woman has you covered.
      • 2. Surround yourself with positive like-minded entrepreneurs. Staring a new business is hard work, and one thing that can make it easier is having a reliable and large network of women who can support you in rough times and celebrate your successes. I suggest getting involved on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as joining a local business group where you can meet with other entrepreneurs face to face.
      • 3. I'm constantly reading articles online, as well as I read one to two new business/career related books a month. I also make it a priority to attend regular networking events and conferences, so that I keep my skills and knowledge up to date.

      Triple Pundit -

      • 1. Triple Pundit is a business-to-business media site for the conversation on sustainability in business. The "triple" refers to the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profit. We're a destination for people who want to use business tools to make the world a better place. Readers include social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs (folks working for change at the world's biggest companies), and students who will eventually join one of those camps.
      • 2. Most of the entrepreneurs we work with have a vision for a product or service that will have a positive impact on the environment or at-risk populations. These laudable goals can only be met through entrepreneurialism if there's also a compelling value proposition. i.e. someone has to want to buy your product or service. Never forget the customer!
      • 3. We read a lot - probably 50 other blogs and news sites, and we also get out and talk to folks in our community as much as we can. Nothing replaces face to face contact!

      Wise Bread -

      • 1. Wise Bread is a top personal finance blog focused on helping consumers live large on a small budget. Founded in 2006, Wise Bread has won several awards including’s Personal Finance Blog of the Year, PC Magazine’s Top 100 Websites, and Kiplinger’s Top 10 Financial Blogs.
      • 2. Always focus on solving problems for your customers. If that's your focus, no matter what happens in the economy, your company will always thrive. Every day when you walk into the office, your first thought should be -- How can I make my customer happier today?
      • 3. We follow great small business websites like Open Forum, Anita Campbell's Small Business Trends, and John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing. On Wise Bread, we've also assembled a great team of business writers. For example, you can check out our 250+ Tips for Small Business Owners, and 5 Best Credit Cards for Small Businesses.

      Young UpStarts -

      • 1. is an online site that covers stories on startups, small business, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, new ideas and technology. Part of Singapore-based Upstart Publishing, the site highlights people and their small businesses, and celebrate their vision and role in changing the world with their ideas, products and services.
      • 2. One of the biggest lessons I've learned - and also from others - is that wherever and whenever possible, hold on to your day job while starting and testing your business ideas. It's the best way to make sure you have the necessary income to live on while trying to get your idea off the ground. And if you don't think you have the bandwidth to do both at the same time, and definitely don't have the bandwidth to run your own business.
      • 3. A really good way to stay up to date is to follow other entrepreneurs and relevant thought leaders on social media. I follow sites like Fast Company and Mashable, as well as folks like Paul Graham, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Feriss.