Disasters can strike at any time. The average business loses $5,000 per hour when they are down.

Don’t lose revenue or customers, secure it all in the cloud with OfficeSuite UC

Protect your business from revenue loss and remain connected and operational. 

Avoid downtime and ensure business continuity 
Eliminate costly downtime and risks of on-site failures by securing all of your critical communications exclusively in the cloud. Ensure critical communications with customers and clients remain intact, no matter what takes place or where you need to work from. 

Remain open even if your office closes
Business takes place everywhere you need it to with OfficeSuite UC®;.  With the latest mobile features and apps, your entire organization is always reachable and productive. Twin business calls to ring your cell and desk phone, read or listen to voicemails, host online meetings and access everything you need from any device.

Make changes from anywhere
Changes are easy for everyone in your organization, from anywhere in the world through our modern, intuitive, dashboard, MyOfficeSuite. From call routing, to checking voicemail, changing greetings, to sending a fax, everything is simple and instantaneous. 

Collaborate easily anytime
Stay connected with customers and colleagues when you cannot physically make it into the office.  Meet face-to-face, share time-sensitive materials and review important documents in real-time from any device through advanced, HD video, audio and web technology

Avoid downtime with Automatic Failover Protection
If your primary internet connection ever fails, OfficeSuite® can immediately detect the issue and automatically switch your connection to an alternate failover line, or even public internet, ensuring you never experience any downtime.  

Turn any device into your office phone
Utilize your same phone number, extension and settings to make and receive calls on any PC, MAC or mobile device. With softphones, your employees can communicate as if they were in the office, using company minutes, and the company phone number for their outbound Caller ID, ensuring communications remain professional offsite. 


ERSA Court Reporters, Philadelphia, PA
“The City of Philadelphia and all our neighboring businesses shut down during Hurricane Sandy, but we were able to remain open and available to our clients thanks to Broadview’s OfficeSuite UC<sup>®</sup>.”ERSA Court Reporters, Philadelphia, PA

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