Time is money and client expectations are higher than ever. 

 Compete in a new world of business with our 100 percent cloud-based unified communications solution, OfficeSuite UC™.

Meet the growing mobile demands of customers and improve
productivity company-wide

True mobile business communications
Enjoy the same functionality you have in the office from wherever you are. Have business calls ring on your office and cell phone simultaneously, fax anything from your smartphone, read or listen to voicemails from your email and access business contacts from any device.  

Collaborate easily from anywhere
Provide personalized service to clients and collaborate seamlessly with your team from wherever you are.  Host face-to-face meetings, share documents and collaborate in real-time from any device, with advanced HD video, audio and web conferencing technology.

Access and manage everything from anywhere
Access all the critical communications features of your system and make real-time changes  like call routing, recording greetings and checking voicemail instantly, without ever touching a phone or stepping foot in the office. With our easy-to-use online portal, MyOfficeSuite, everything is a click away and accessible from any device, anywhere. 

Simplify communications with mobile apps
Turn any device into your business phone with our advanced mobile apps. Stop giving out your personal cell phone number. Keep calling simple and professional by making and receiving calls using your business phone number and company minutes from any device.

Use any desk or phone as your own
Work from any office you need to. Move from desk to desk, or from office to office, and use any office phone as your own with your same contacts, extension, speed dials and voicemail box.


Human Services, Inc. (HSI)
“OfficeSuite UC<sup>®</sup> has given us mobility and flexibility right out of the box.” Human Services, Inc. (HSI)

Chester County, PA

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