Communications with your customers and colleagues is vital for success. Trust your most critical business communications with our award-winning, 100 percent cloud solution, OfficeSuite UC™.

Increase mobility, security and productivity for
continued growth and success 

Compete with the big wigs, without the high costs or complexities. Enhance communications and the productivity of every employee, no matter where they work from. 

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Easy to Use

A Solution Within Your Reach
Upgrade to an enterprise-level phone system without the high costs. Our low, flexible pricing includes a complete unified communications system with the phone or not, based off your preference and need. Get predictable expenses with convenient multi-location billing, so you can better plan for the future.

Productivity-Enhancing Communications
Provide your employees with everything they need to communicate efficiently. See who is available with real-time presence, chat company-wide, click-to-dial from the web, create unlimited auto attendants to answer calls and use dedicated apps to increase productivity and mobilize your entire organization. 

See everything that’s included

Enterprise-grade Security
Rest easy knowing your calls, messages and meetings are encrypted in transport and stored exclusively on secure servers within our cloud infrastructure, ensuring that nothing is stored on-site where it could be vulnerable to threats. 

True-Mobile Business Communications
Let business take place everywhere you need it to. With the latest mobile features and apps, your entire organization is more productive. Twin business calls to ring your cell and desk phone, read your voicemails, meet face-to-face with video meetings and access everything from any device.

A Scalable, Flexible System that Adapts to Your Needs 
Pay for only what you need! As your business needs fluctuate, so does your system. Scale up or down at anytime with ease to meet the demands of your business.  Have the flexibility to add new locations, services, users or equipment instantly whenever you need to.

One System for Enhanced Collaboration
Everyone is unified onto one complete system. With OfficeSuite UC™, all of the features work across all sites for seamless communications. Dial employees by extension, intercom coworkers, see who is available, chat live and use any phone at any site as your own. 

Centralized Administration for Easy Management
Control your entire system for all your locations online from one centralized website.  Access all the features and make real-time changes easily from anywhere without ever touching a phone or stepping foot in an office. With our award-winning MyOfficeSuite portal, everything is a click away and accessible from any device, anywhere you are. 

Save When Employees Self-manage Features
Let employees control their own features so changes are made faster and your technical staff can advance your business. With our system, changes are easy for everyone through our intuitive, dashboard, MyOfficeSuite. From call routing to checking voicemail, changing greetings, to faxing, everything is simple and never requires IT support. 

Avoid Costly Downtime and Ensure Business Continuity
Avoid downtime when your communications are 100 percent in the cloud. Calls, faxes and online meetings take place from any location, on any device and critical changes can be made from anywhere, ensuring you are always available to customers, even if your physical business is forced to close.


Dara Masi
“OfficeSuite® gives me the ability to monitor and control the entire system from one website. As the IT Director for a multi-site business, having that visibility and control is priceless.”Dara Masi

Director of Information Technology

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