Presence Location 300

Real‐time Presence

Instantly see who in your organization is available for a quick call or meeting with real‐time presence.

Company Wide Chat 300

Company‐wide Chat

Chat with anyone in your organization from any office location or device with individual and group chat functionality.

Mobile Twinning 300

Mobile Twinning

Get business calls on your office phone and cell phone simultaneously so you never miss a call. 

Hd Meeting 300

HD Meeting

Meet face‐to‐face, collaborate and share anything with anyone, from any device through HD video, audio and web conferencing.

Multi Desk 300


Stay connected everywhere you are by logging into up to 5 different devices at one time.

Auto Attendants

Use unlimited auto attendants to ensure every call is answered. Reduce calls for hours and directions with pre-recorded greetings.  

Voicemail Transcription

Read voicemails as speech-to-text messages to determine what is needed without ever listening to messages.

Online Fax

Eliminate your fax machine and send and receive faxes securely online from any device, even your smartphone. 

Hot Desking

Share workspaces and use any phone at any site as your own with your extension, contacts and settings intact. 

Call History

Improve customer service, sales and operations with built-in call history insights and customizable reporting. 

Advanced Voicemail

Check voicemail from anywhere online via email or through the online portal. 

Music on hold

Project a professional image, advertise and keep callers entertained with music and on-hold greetings. 

Click‐to‐Dial Calling

Click any phone number from the web to instantly launch business calls.

Call Forwarding

Forward business calls to your cell, voicemail or any other phone number to ensure constant connectivity.


Announce appointment arrivals and communicate instantly with colleagues in any location with the click of a button.


Use your toll-free service to help customers connect with you no matter where they are located.  

10-way calling

Host conference calls with up to 10 different callers at one time.

Cloud Uc Mobile Devices

Optional Features

OfficeSuite UC®  White Label offers a variety of optional features to make your customers even more productive. 

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Powerful Integrations Wl

Powerful Integrations

OfficeSuite UC® White Label offers complete integration with some of the most widely-used applications, such as: Salesforce and Skype for Business. 

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