Provide Your Customers a New Flexible and Disaster Avoidance Option with Affordable Voice Services over BYOB

Help your customers gain new flexibility, cost-efficiency and disaster avoidance by leveraging their existing internet service through Broadview’s PRI or SIP voice services. With our PRI and SIP services, your customers can maximize the investment they made in their current infrastructure by connecting their PBX or IP PBX phone system to our carrier-grade voice network.

By using their internet access to connect to us, you get the best of both worlds: gain a new revenue stream and provide your customers with a service they need. Offer the ability to take advantage of a scalable service with local, regional, long distance and international coverage.

Both our PRI and SIP services are fast and easy to set up, and our dedicated professionals are always available if they need assistance.

PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

Broadview's PRI service delivers a native PRI (Primary Rate Interface) between your customer’s PBX and our carrier-grade network using your customer’s current internet access. The service connects phone numbers to dedicated voice channels so your customers can eliminate the cost of expensive individual line fees.

Broadview’s PRI services:

  • Our service is compatible with all premised based PBXs
  •  Offers a cost-effective disaster avoidance option in case their primary connection is lost
  • Combines voice and data communications over a single internet connection
  • Delivers ISDN PRI B (bearer) and D (data) channels to their PBX on premises
  • Supports multiple trunk groups (DOD, DDCO, DID, and DID/DOD) and multiple call types (local, regional, long distance, international, N11, E911 where available, toll free)

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

Customers with SIP enabled PBX’s can subscribe to use our SIP service which delivers a native Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interface between their IP PBX and our carrier-grade network.

By Directly Connecting their SIP Phones to Our SIP Service, Your Customers Can:

  •  Make better use of the internet bandwidth they have by combining their phone service with data over a single connection
  • Continue to use all the same features as with traditional dedicated services 
  • Eliminate the capital expense of additional PBX hardware
  • Get a cost-effective disaster avoidance option in case their primary connection is lost

Let Your Customers Select Their Own Features:

  • Caller ID - included
  • Call-Redirect
  • Caller ID with name


Disaster Avoidance

Provide a physically diverse failover option so your customers communications remain intact if their primary circuit fails.


Safeguard your customer’s communications with secure services.

Cost Savings

Supply your customers with as many lines as they need at a lower cost.


Meet all your customer's calling needs by offering plans that include local, long distance and International calling. a lower cost.